Office Drawer Unit

Office Drawer Unit

Drawer unit is one of the ideal solutions for organizing your office and making it more efficient and productive. Its modern and practical design provides ample space for storing and organizing your files. Whether you are looking for a drawer unit with wheels for easy mobility or a wooden drawer unit with a key to protect your valuable contents, whether you work from home or in an office, the office drawer unit will help you organize your workspace perfectly and smoothly transition between tasks. In this article, we will discover the best drawer units in Egypt, provide tips for choosing the best drawer unit, and answer the question on your mind: What are the prices of wooden drawer units? So, stay with us until the end and enjoy a modern and practical organizational experience.

Office Drawer Unit

The wooden office drawer unit is an essential piece of furniture in any office, providing organized storage space for papers, documents, and office tools. The best types of office drawer units are those made of wood, as they offer several advantages, including:

  1. Strength and Durability: Arc Wood Company provides wooden office drawer units known for their strength and durability, capable of withstanding daily use and lasting for a long time.

  2. Natural Beauty: A wooden office drawer unit adds a natural aesthetic touch to any office, complementing all types of decor.

  3. Versatility: Arc Wood Company offers a variety of designs and sizes for wooden drawer units, allowing you to choose the unit that suits your needs. Whether you want a wooden drawer unit with a key to keep your files secure, the company provides high-quality options.

  4. Scratch and Abrasion Resistance: The office drawer units from Arc Wood are made from the finest wood types that withstand shocks and abrasions without scratching.

  5. Accessories: All the accessories and rails used in the units are of the highest quality, resistant to rust or damage, ensuring their durability and adding an aesthetic appeal to the unit.

All these features can be found in the office drawer units from Arc Wood. Because customer satisfaction is the company's primary goal, it not only provides high quality but also offers the best prices for wooden drawer units in the Egyptian market. You can contact us for more information.

Factors and Tips for Choosing the Best Wooden Office Drawer Unit

When choosing an office drawer unit, there are factors to consider to ensure you get the best types, including:

  1. Size: Choose a drawer unit with a suitable size for the available space. Measure the space before purchasing to determine the appropriate size.

  2. Design: Select a design that matches your office decor. Consider factors such as color coordination with the wall paint and existing decorations.

  3. Number of Drawers: Determine the number of drawers you need to store your office supplies. Decide if you want a wooden drawer unit with a key or not.

  4. Material: Ensure that the office drawer unit is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant, and durable wood.

  5. Prices: Consider the prices of wooden drawer units and whether they fit your budget. Don't compromise quality for a lower price; invest in a product that will last for years without scratches or breakage.

Arc Wood Company - Your Unique Taste Reflected in Office Furniture at Competitive Prices

Arc Wood is a leading company in the manufacture and supply of office furniture. With high expertise in the field, it offers various advantages that make it the best choice for many customers, including:

  1. High Quality: Arc Wood uses the best materials and the latest technologies in manufacturing office furniture, ensuring high quality and durability.

  2. Unique Modern Designs: The company provides a variety of unique, modern designs that suit all tastes, meeting the diverse needs of customers.

  3. Competitive Prices: Offering competitive prices compared to other companies, Arc Wood is an ideal choice for companies looking for high-quality office drawer units and furniture at reasonable prices.

  4. Professional Team: Arc Wood has a professional and knowledgeable team with extensive experience in the field of office furniture, ensuring the best service to customers.

  5. Comprehensive Services: The company offers a variety of services that meet the needs of different companies, including design and execution services, as well as a dedicated department for regular maintenance and renovation.

  6. Fast Delivery: Arc Wood stands out with fast delivery, committing to delivering products within specified deadlines, saving time and effort for companies.

  7. Shipping to All Governorates: The company delivers to all Egyptian governorates, making it easy for customers to get their products and services anywhere.

  8. 15-Month Warranty: Arc Wood provides a 15-month warranty on all its products, ensuring customers get high-quality, long-lasting products.

  9. Effective Communication: The company maintains constant communication with its customers through its website and social media pages, making it easy for customers to inquire about products and services.

  10. Good Reputation: Arc Wood has a good reputation in the Egyptian market, known for the quality of its products and services.

In conclusion, if you want to get an office drawer unit with the finest designs and highest quality materials at competitive prices, Arc Wood is the optimal solution for you. Contact us through the provided numbers on the website or via WhatsApp messages.


  1. What is an office drawer unit?

    • An office drawer unit is a piece of office furniture typically consisting of multiple drawers designed to provide additional storage space within offices, facilitating the organization of documents and other materials.
  2. What sizes and shapes are available for office drawer units?

    • Office drawer units come in various sizes to meet different needs, ranging from small units to large, complex, and multifunctional units. There are also wooden drawer units with keys for added security.