Giving workers confidence in themselves and enhancing their sense of independence is an important part of enhancing confidence at work, so the Workstation (employee work cell) is one of the basic elements in the design of office spaces in companies and institutions, as it has many features that make it an ideal choice for many people. From clients, what are Workstation offices? How do you choose the Workstation specifications that suit your needs? What is the difference between (hexagonal work cell - double work cell - quadrilateral work cell)? We learn about all this and more in this article, and we answer the most common questions: What are the prices of Workstation offices? Stay with us until the end.


It is what is known as (employee work cell), which is a shared work space consisting of a group of desks or tables, which are located close to each other, but what are the reasons that make Workstation offices important for any company? This is what we explain below.

5 reasons why an employee work cell is essential in any company

Office work cells are one of the effective tools that help improve the performance and productivity of employees in the company. Regardless of the size of the company or the nature of the work, establishing an employee work cell is an important step to ensure smooth workflow and achieve specific goals. Here are 5 reasons why an employee work cell Essential in any organization:

Improve internal communication

It is difficult to achieve effective communication within the organization without the presence of a Workstation, as this cell facilitates communication between various departments and levels within the company, and in the presence of the appropriate platform, employees can exchange ideas, ask questions, and discuss the challenges they face on a regular basis, and this in turn enhances Cooperation between team members and enhances team spirit.

Enhancing creativity and innovation

Workstation offices are considered an encouraging environment for creativity and innovation, as the cell is made of the finest types of wood and there are many designs and levels available, which allows the company to better exploit the capabilities of employees and achieve positive change.

Procedures and change management

Workstation is one of the effective mechanisms for managing procedures and change within the company, where they can evaluate current procedures and suggest necessary improvements, by collaborating together.

Increase employee engagement and enhance belonging

Thanks to office work cells, employees have a strong sense of belonging to the company, as they are invited to participate in making important decisions and contribute to achieving the company's goals; Which enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty to the company; Thus, it maintains the stability of the work team.

Developing skills and capabilities

Employees can develop leadership, communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills. In addition, they can benefit from the mutual knowledge and experiences of other cell members and exchange useful training and workshops.

Arc Wood Company provides you with the best work station with high-quality materials, and the best prices for work station offices in Egypt. The company also enjoys implementing any work station specifications according to the customer’s desire. You can contact us to learn more.

Workstation specifications

The specifications of the work station are determined based on the customer’s needs, as Arc Wood Company works to provide all the work station offices that customers need. The work station is manufactured within the Arc Wood company from the finest types of wood that is not resistant to scratches and shocks, and it is also available in all designs. Modern, and all colors that add an aesthetic touch to the place, and contribute to creating a suitable environment for work. Among the types of work stations that the company manufactures are the following:

  • Dual work cell
  • Quad work cell.
  • Hexagonal work cell.
  • Office work cells of various sizes.

Tips for choosing the best work station

When choosing Workstation offices, there are some factors that must be taken into consideration so that you can get the best Workstation, including the following:

  • Quality: It is one of the most important factors when choosing the best work station, as choosing a high-quality work station ensures its long-term sustainability. This saves money, so you do not have to renew and maintain it every now and then as long as the quality is high.
  • Light weight: Light weight makes it easy to move from one place to another. This makes it adaptable to changing employee needs.
  • Light colors: Light colors can help create a comfortable and calm work environment, giving employees clarity of mind, and thus quality of work and increased productivity.
  • Natural Lighting: Natural lighting can help create a healthy and productive work environment.
  • Space: The space factor is one of the most important factors as it determines your choice of cell type. If your space is small and the number of employees is as few as two, a dual work cell is completely appropriate.

However, if the number is slightly larger and the space is wider, choosing a quadrilateral work cell is the ideal solution, and if the space is large and the number of employees is many, then a hexagonal work cell is the most appropriate among office work cells.

You may be wondering, what is the best company for manufacturing work station offices and the best prices for work station offices in the Egyptian market with the highest materials? This is what we answer below.

Arcwood..a work cell designed specifically for you

Arc Wood is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing work stations in particular and office furniture in general. Work Station offices from Arc Wood are unique in that they are specifically designed to meet the needs of different customers. It has a work team with extensive experience in the field of design and manufacturing, and is keen to understand the needs of... customers, and create a work station and other furniture pieces in a way that perfectly meets these needs. Arcwood products are characterized by many advantages, including:

  • HIGH QUALITY: Arcwood uses the best raw materials and latest technology in manufacturing the work cell; This ensures high quality and long-lasting durability.
  • Modern design: Arc Wood offers a variety of modern designs that suit all tastes; Which meets the needs of different customers.
  • Competitive prices: Arc Wood offers competitive prices in the Egyptian market, as it is distinguished by its reasonable prices in addition to high quality. Making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for high-quality office furniture at affordable prices.

Therefore, if you are looking for a work station designed specifically for you, with the most amazing colors and the latest designs, then Arc Wood is the perfect choice for you. Call through the numbers shown on the website or via the text message service or the WhatsApp service.

Common questions

What does Workstation mean?

Workstation offices or (coworking cells) are a workspace design that includes a group of desks or tables in an open space, in which employees share the work environment and resources. This enhances interaction and cooperation between them, and contributes to stimulating creativity and increasing productivity within the company.

What are the prices of Workstation offices?

The prices of work station offices vary greatly depending on several factors, including: the quality of the wood from which the work station offices are made, the experience of the manufacturer, and the size of the required employee work cell, whether a two-way work cell, a four-way work cell, or a hexagonal work cell.